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  • The exclusive agent of the Iraqi  media network (Iraqia, Sports, News)
  • Exclusive agent for the Dijla channel and The Melon State Show
  • Exclusive agent of the Mosuliyah channel
  • East Magic Media also has special relations, good prices and offers on all Arab and Kurdish TV channels  
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Al Tahrir Square LED

140m² (8.5m² High x 16.5m² Width)

In sending any message across, the superior graphics, animations, and videos displayed on LED signs and LED billboards can attract in crowds of customers that companies which solely depend on conventional advertising means can only wish to attract. No other type of marketing approach can magnet the attention of potential consumers like outdoor LED signs and LED billboards.

LED Billboard Network

The right message on a LED billboard or outdoor LED signs surely is the answer. For how can anyone ignore “the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan?” It is in human nature to look at dynamic, moving pictures and LED billboards can help business-minded people maximize this for their benefit.

Al Mansour 14 Ramadhan LED

45m² (5m² High x 9m² Width)

It is now becoming one of the most prominent choices by businesses due to its effectiveness. They immediately build brand awareness and strong name recognition among motorists and passers-by. That is because of the colorful, creative and magnetizing product and service displays which are more like to have a more positive effect on the minds of individuals.


East Magic & The Outdoor

We have chosen the LED provider "EPISTAR" to give you & your clients the best quality! 

  1. you're ads will display non-stop for at least 400 times a day.

  2. Our LED's starting from 7AM till 12AM, working efficiently under 65C˚

  3. High quality led movies ads up to 720p resolution that can dazzle you.

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Why billboards?

  1. Last universal advertising media

  2. Positioning at point of purchase

  3. Larger than life

  4. Consumers like outdoor advertising 

  5. Media mix

  6. Target your audience efficiently

  7. Outdoor advertising cannot be 'turned off' 

  8. Consumer pull distributor push

  9. Access to hard to reach consumers 

  10. Outdoor advertising is reported in other media

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